Our Team

Todd Babiak,
Story Trainer + Strategist

Todd Babiak

I try really hard to understand. Then, if I want other people to understand what I have understood I write a simple story. If the story is simple enough, and true, it will inspire people to tell it themselves. It will inspire people to do something.

Favourite book
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Six-word memoir
He became addicted to moving people.


  • Shawn Ohler and I helped solve a city’s image and reputation problem through story and strategy, and we won “the best expression of place brand identity” in the world at the City / Nation / Place Forum in London.
  • We’ve helped organizations, places, and people on three continents build their brand story and create discipline and power around it.
  • In my spare time: six novels so far..

Deepest fear
If I say it out loud, it might come true.