3 Anniversary Social Campaigns We Love

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A big anniversary or milestone deserves to be celebrated. For businesses and brands, the occasion of an anniversary is also an opportunity to connect with fans, to remind people of the values and purpose of the company, and to make a splash on social media. Here are three examples of anniversary social campaigns we absolutely love.

Happy Birthday Brick – LEGO

LEGO chose to celebrate its 60th birthday through a year-long campaign with a hashtag (#HappyBirthdayBrick) that told the story of its history and engaged fans and builders to share their memories of LEGO alongside their latest builds.

The result was a community of LEGO fans and supporters who created beautiful tributes to the iconic product. The Instagram post linked below is just one example of the kind of creative, talented, passionate people LEGO was hoping to connect with. As a brand marketer, you couldn’t ask for a better result.

LEGO’s #HappyBirthdayBrick campaign also tapped into the nostalgia fans feel about a toy that meant a lot to them in their formative years. The post linked below is one such example. This LEGO fan shares a specific memory and details what role the product played in his early life. It’s powerful storytelling, and an opportunity for the brand to connect with a fan-turned-ambassador.

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More angles of my custom microscale version of 6990-1 "Monorail Transport System" — for @bricksetofficial's #Brickset60YearsCompetition! To see a comparison of the real product, swipe through this gallery to see an image of the actual set's package artwork, provided by Fun fact: I actually owned this set when I was very young, and I've always considered it my favorite LEGO set of all time. Despite growing up in poverty, I managed to get hold of this gargantuan model at age 6: after my parents divorced in 1989, my father moved away and tried to win me in a custody battle by sending me this huge set for my birthday. With my lack of dexterity at the time, I was unable to assemble most of this large model according its instructions, and instead used the parts to make random space stations and ships. Then at age 7, I used components of the monorail to build a space station creation as an entry to a LEGO-building contest at our local KMart in Lancaster, PA. I won a t-shirt for my efforts. When my family moved around a lot in my childhood, I lost many key components of the monorail, and to this very day, only some of the grey tracks and black stanchions survive in my collection. Eventually some day I plan on installing this monorail to travel around the perimeter of the interior my house. Unfortunately the grey tracks are incredible rare, so hopefully a 3D printing techniques can fill in the gaps. Nonetheless, may the better man win the competition, and remember: Play Well!

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Find Your Park – National Park Service

The National Park Service and the National Park Foundation collaborated to create a “Find Your Park” campaign to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. This campaign kicked off in 2016, but is still engaging audiences today. 

 The Find Your Park campaign has inspired people to share stunning photos and great stories, as in the photo below from Sequoia National Park in California.

This story is living beyond the National Park Service’s anniversary year. Still sharing these stories and engaging with audiences who are enjoying the parks, the National Park Service continues to get value out of its anniversary social campaign.

Truck Legends – Chevrolet

Chevrolet celebrates its 100th anniversary for trucks in 2018, and to do so, it’s connecting with Chevy fans it’s calling “Truck Legends.” These are families who have owned six or more Chevy trucks in their lifetime, and the marketing team is delivering exclusive swag to these supporters.

In addition to producing a slick anniversary website, Chevrolet is benefitting from the social promotion its fans are producing on its behalf across social channels. This kind of campaign takes advantage of the loyalty people feel toward a long-established brand, and cements their status as brand ambassadors for Chevrolet. Win, win.

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