6,700 Centimetres of Story

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  1. This 67-metre-long tapestry featured at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta, is a massive storytelling tool. Artist Sandra Sawatzky worked on it for 9 years, and likely went through a fair amount of embroidery thread.
  2. Accomplished Pixar director Andrew Stanton (WALL-E, Toy Story) shares what he knows about story in this classic TED talk.
  3. What’s it like to spend five months reading 141 books? ECHO’s Story Director, John Burns, explains.
  4. Great stories like The Iliad, The Book of Songs, and One Thousand and One Nights have influenced the development of modern societies around the world. Martin Puchner tracks this unique relationship in an article for the BBC.
  5. Brand stories matter, no matter how “boring” your business is. Here are two powerful stories from unlikely sources.
  6. Here’s an insightful piece on how the teller of a story alters how we experience the story they tell.
  7. The Story is a podcast that features mini biographies of courageous and interesting people. The twist? The subjects’ identities aren’t revealed until the end of each episode.

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