A Good Place for a Bad Idea + Onboarding Through Story

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onboarding through story


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  1. Simon Sinek is one of our storytelling heroes. His TED talk on How Leaders Inspire Action is very much worth your time today.
  2. Venture capital firm First Round looked at 100 mentorship pairings and found out what makes for a beneficial relationship. We particularly liked the insight that the pair should focus on specific problems, not general issues (just like in good storytelling).
  3. We love a challenge. Here’s how we use creative thinking to tell stories online for our clients that have strict corporate guidelines that must be followed.
  4. Onboarding new employees? Take a cue from Mailchimp and have your employees do nothing in their first week.
  5. According to Bill Taylor from HBR, CEOs need to elevate their definition of success so that employees have a greater sense of security and participation.
  6. You can use storytelling to better engage employees. We did it, and it worked. 
  7. If you are looking to re-invigorate your creative projects this year, Austin Kleon recommends finding a good place to have bad ideas.