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What’s the secret to an addictive brand? It’s story. Your story. In this six-part storytelling course delivered to you by email, we will show you how to craft a powerful brand story that will earn the attention, trust, and loyalty of the customers you seek. 

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If your brand is hoping to reach and engage audiences both inside and outside of their organizations, you need to tell a compelling story. But here’s the catch – stories are hard.

Great stories have high points, low points and sometimes REALLY low points. Many brands make the mistake of omitting those low points. But we know that sharing the tough lessons along with the victories is just one vital part of what truly makes your story great. Knowing these and other simple, but critical points, can shift any brand story from run-of-the-mill to truly powerful.

So How Can You Tell a Better Brand Story?

We’d like to invite you to sign up for ECHO’s brand storytelling e-course. We’re story experts, and we’ve been helping iconic brands like Lululemon, London Drugs, Microsoft, Goldcorp, and the JOEY Restaurant Group to tell stories internally and externally for nearly 20 years.

We know good stories, and we’ll teach you our approach in a series of six weekly emails.

We’ll explore brand storytelling from the very beginning, starting with why storytelling is such an important and valuable tool for brands. We’ll move on to helping you identify your own brand story and then lay out the tools you’ll need to leverage it.

You’ll learn the why, who, what, where, and when of good brand storytelling, including:

  • why storytelling is such a powerful tool
  • tips and tricks to build a dynamic brand story
  • how to identify an audience using personas
  • the role of crisis points as learning opportunities
  • the best publishing platforms and strategies

And most importantly, you’ll also learn how to analyze–and transform–your own brand story, to truly make it work for you.

ECHO Storytelling Agency is thrilled to share our storytelling secrets with you.

Why? Because a world filled to the brim with great stories is one we want to live in.

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