Breaking the Silence

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  1. “Silence Breakers” are Time’s Person of the Year for 2017. The way the magazine is telling their stories online is appropriately profound.
  2. We’re delighted to announce our latest trade title: Gian Singh Sandhu’s powerful story about Sikhs in Canada, An Uncommon Road. Check it out (and pre-order a copy!) on Amazon and Chapters/Indigo.
  3. The New York Times is using visual data to tell a (scary) story about the melting ice of Greenland with this interactive map.
  4. Need to brush up on your storytelling skills? Here are 5 storytelling TED Talks to inspire you. 
  5. If your company is toying with the idea of storytelling through podcasts or other audio means, this training guide from NPR will help point you in the right direction.
  6. Have a company anniversary on the horizon? Here are 6 tips for a successful anniversary campaign.
  7. Among the Agta, hunter-gatherers from the Philippines, researchers have found that great storytellers have more children than their peers and are twice as likely to be named as desirable living companions. Storytellers rule, basically.

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