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Photo from The Kentucky Department for Library and Archives

7 Story Picks for the week of September 11, 2017

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  1. The Set the Page Free project sees “14 world-famous writers and creative minds work together to tell the ultimate story of the modern workplace”. This ambitious branded content marketing campaign includes contributions from Joyce Carol Oates, Roxane Gay, Jonathan Safran Foer, and others. You can follow along here.
  2. Want to be a better leader? Start with Shannon Emmerson’s list of 6 TED Talks that will help leaders tell better stories.
  3. We spend a lot of our time cataloguing and capturing memory for and with our clients. This piece by Stephen Cognetta beautifully demonstrates one of the fascinating things about memory–when you remember something, you only remember the last time you remembered it, not the thing itself. Mind = blown.
  4. If you find rote email exchanges as soul-dampening as we do, you might also enjoy this definitive ranking of email greetings from Format magazine.
  5. This video from Jay Shetty about what happens when you bump into an ex-partner caught our attention this week. It’s stylishly shot, and contains a powerful message about the importance of communicating what we actually feel.
  6. Some things are worth the wait. Frances Dinkelspiel brings us the story of how 97 years after Kohler & Frohling closed its doors due to Prohibition, great-great-grandson Charles Kohler is reviving the brand of this once-famous winery.
  7. We highly recommend this story about the Pack Horse Library Initiative we saw in Atlas Obscura. Awesome librarians in the 1930s took to horseback to deliver reading materials to rural communities in Kentucky. And the photos are extraordinary.