How One Woman Turned Her Pain Into Rage Art

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Image via Peter Mendelsund

7 Story Picks for the week of October 9, 2017

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  1. Novelist Kathleen Alcott argues that how couples eat together (or how they don’t) says much about their potential longevity. Agree or disagree with her thesis, it’s a very nice piece of writing.
  2. The Los Angeles Review of Books profiled Peter Mendelsund, a well-known book designer. The interview contains interesting stories about process and creation, and is also a good excuse to browse his extensive portfolio of book covers.
  3. Take 10 minutes today to do something that could improve your life: update your LinkedIn profile. Shannon Emmerson will happily guide you through how to tell a better story on LinkedIn.
  4. Like it or not, wearable tech is coming for us all. This example of a Levi’s jean jacket with conductive Google-developed Jacquard fibre made us excited/worried that it might be closer than we think.
  5. Branded content plays an increasingly vital role in marketing for all kinds of startups. Here’s an in-depth look at the tensions between journalistic safeguards, editorial integrity and the need to sell products and lifestyles from The Ringer.
  6. Want better content? ECHO’s Josh Oliveira advises you to think like a magazine. 
  7. This is the story of a woman who channelled her anger and frustration about her chronic pain into drawings that feature and celebrate swear words. Fuck.