The Story of How Vulnerability Can Unlock Your Creativity

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  1. Following the U.S. election in November, Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario doubled down on the company’s social responsibility values. Her leadership re-inspired employees to activism, and record revenues for the company have followed.
  2. Stuck in a creative rut? Kate Hollowood argues that vulnerability could be the key to unlocking creativity and making change.
  3. Stop telling bad brand stories. Sharing what makes you unique, and interesting, is easier than you think.
  4. Hands up if you can’t remember the name of the protagonist from your favourite book. The good news is that printed books are something you can return to again and again to refresh your memory, one of the many reasons we treasure them.
  5. Well-drawn characters that represent very specific people in our world are one sign of a great storyteller. Darryn King at Vanity Fair writes with admiration about Lisa Simpson, and the woman who has voiced the iconic character for 30 years.
  6. What’s the significance of a company milestone? We’ve given anniversaries some serious thought, and there are tons of good reasons to mark these special occasions.
  7. We’re all about happiness in the workplace. And we’re always about treats. Which means we’re staunch advocates of fika, the Swedish practice that fosters relationship building between coworkers through breaks with coffee and pastries. Mmmm.