Business Storytelling Fundamentals

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Sure, storytelling is innate to human beings, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy–or comes naturally. The good news, though, is that storytelling is a skill that can be learned. Do you want to learn how to tell a better story as a leader, or to help clarify your brand for customer or employees? Here’s where to start. With our Business Storytelling Fundamentals, we’re lifting the lid on what we know about the art and practice of storytelling.

The articles included below, outlining what we know about the art and practice of storytelling (targeted at a business audience), outline the basic elements of business storytelling, providing insights and tools for achieving greater clarity and mastery.

Good luck–and let us know what you learn



Core Elements of a Great Business Story

All businesses have the ability to build a great brand story. We show you how.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Create an Authentic Brand Story

Audiences are faced with thousands of messages a day; here’s how to ensure that your story rings true.

The Bottom Line on the ROI for Storytelling

It’s worth it to invest in storytelling. Turn your fans into your greatest asset.

7 Storytelling Resources You Need Now to Clarify Your Brand Story

Tools, templates, apps and inspiration to clarify a fuzzy brand or business story.



Storytelling for Leaders: 6 TED Talks to Inspire and Educate

A leadership-focused series of TED Talks to help leaders clarify their message and hone their storytelling skills.

The Undeniable Power of Emotionally Resonant Storytelling

Get inspired by these 3 examples and learn how to infuse your story with emotion that will have a lasting impact.

Use Storytelling To Master Your Next Pitch

Getting your idea off the ground can be as easy (and as hard) as telling an amazing story. Just ask Elon Musk.

Why Leaders Should Care about Storytelling

Here’s a story from our Director of Content Strategy that demonstrates the power of this tool in the hands of a leader.

How Storytelling will Improve Your Leadership

As a business leader, you owe it to your career to become a better storyteller. Start here.

Tell Stories. Engage (and Retain) Staff.

We found 3 companies who use storytelling to engage staff. The results are staggering.



We hope these resources have given you a foundation for using storytelling to strengthen your connections with the people you care about most. Good luck!