Taking Pat with us

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Since 1999, we have published over 250 books. I have truly loved each of these stories. Some have made me laugh, some have made me think, some have made me want to dream bigger than I ever imagined.

And some have made me cry.

We recently finished a book for a family about their son Pat Dooley, who died suddenly of viral encephalitis at age 16 on February 5, 2008. To say this is a tragic story is an understatement. As a team, we decided to offer to do the book pro bono because we were so moved by Pat’s too-short life, and we wanted to help his family remember him in a special way.

As the project unfolded, yes, it made me cry, but it turned out that this book would also me laugh, think, and dream bigger than I ever imagined. That was the effect that Pat had on all of us. I can only imagine the effect he had on his family and friends while he was alive.

We don’t know how long we’re here for, and Pat Dooley’s legacy is to remind us to spend it following our passions and being generous and kind to all who cross our path along the way. The title of the book is Taking Pat With Us, and that is how I carry Pat’s memory with me: as a vow to live true and be kind.

Pat’s dad, Steve, helped to create an award in Pat’s honour, the Pat Dooley Caddy Award, to be given away each year to a young golf player who is passionate about the game of golf like he was. You can read more about Steve’s gesture here.

Whose life has inspired you recently? Take five minutes and write them a quick email letting them know. You won’t regret it, I promise.