Living in the Age of Peak Seltzer

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7 Story Picks for the Week of December 4, 2017

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  1. It’s December. You are now given the official green light to listen to Christmas music. Here’s ECHO’s Merry Little Christmas Playlist to get you in the holiday spirit.
  2. The holiday season is a good opportunity to check in and re-affirm important relationships, including those between brands and customers. Forbes has 7 helpful tips for how businesses can create real connections during the holidays.
  3. Did you know you’re living in an age of Peak Seltzer? Liam Baranauskas of Eater makes a strong case (that’s a seltzer pun) for this cultural phenomenon via a lovely personal essay.
  4. The podcast 99% Invisible has a beautifully produced documentary about coal mining culture. We particularly enjoyed hearing the story of the mining stickers that get plastered on helmets and record a detailed history of this dangerous work.
  5. Are you bringing new people into your organization? Here’s how storytelling can make new hires happy. 
  6. This scientific collaboration to create an almost-live visualization of the oceans’ currents and waves is an impressive undertaking. It’s a beautiful, hypnotic way to present data, and it reinforces how connected we are.
  7. This video about a girl who is going to be a pilot made several ECHO team members tear up at their desks. “It’s more like I need to be a pilot”. Heart, melted.

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