The Story of the Plastic Pink Flamingo

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story picks photo by Jerry Kiesewetter
photo by Jerry Kiesewetter

6 Story Picks for the week of September 4, 2017

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  1. Storytelling can happen in the smallest of interactions. The New York Times recently added emojis to their push notifications and seriously upped their story game.
  2. Augmented reality apps may still be a novelty, but their potential impact on daily life and culture is far-reaching. Wired recently profiled a digital graffiti app called Mirage that allows users to mark physical spaces with digital pictures.
  3. Ever wonder how the plastic pink flamingo became an icon? Jennifer Price lays out the story of lawn ornamentation and kitsch in a peer-reviewed journal article. We fully support academics who spend their time poking at popular culture.
  4. These 10 excellent pieces of advice for entrepreneurs from VCs point to the diverse set of skills needed for success. We were not the least bit surprised to see storytelling on the list.
  5. Company anniversaries are the perfect time to reflect on history and revisit values. Josh Oliveira found three examples of companies who have used their anniversary to tell a great story.
  6. Hey. You are great. Here’s a convincing article from HBR on why you should say nice things about your colleagues.