Things We Love, May 2015

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Each month at Echo, we collect and share a taste of the reading, writing, people, stories, tools and design that have intrigued and inspired us. Having recently created and released a video of our own, our collection of stories this month is video-themed. Enjoy.

This past month, we’ve loved …

…Life Itself.

life_itself Things We Love, May 2015

A compelling, touching example of memoir come to life in film. Director Steve James (Hoop Dreams) recounts the life of beloved film critic Roger Ebert (based on his memoir of the same name), presenting a warm and funny portrait of a fascinating man on a fascinating journey.


…this amazing reading list, inspired by the people on US postage stamps.

Emily Perper (@Emily_Perper)of LongReads has put together a thoughtful reading list, inspired by her discovery that nearly 800 people have appeared on U.S. stamps over the years, including authors, inventors, singers. athletes and politicians. Follow the links for an intriguing and eclectic read. She includes links to each person’s stamp. Photo is courtesy of Karen Horton.


this story about a son secretly filming his lovely mother to get her a date.

beautiful mom Things We Love, May 2015

This son is nearly as wonderful as the woman that we, as viewers (voyeurs?) are lucky to meet in this quirky, touching video, introduced to us via the San Francisco Globe. We’ve fallen in love with Eva. Our fingers are crossed for her.


…Anselm Kiefer.

anselm_kiefer Things We Love, May 2015

As a boy, Anselm Kiefer was born into the ruins wrought by Hitler, and his work reflects Germany’s history, guilt and grief about the Holocaust as he explores themes such as history, memory and mythology.  This documentary about the artist, Anselm Kiefer, offers an enlightening and inspiring look at the artist and the art.


…the man and the dog.

the man and the dog Things We Love, May 2015

If this heartbreaking public service announcement for an Argentinian liver transplant foundation doesn’t persuade you to become an organ donor, nothing will. Remarkably effective advertising–and storytelling–the short video was produced by DDB Worldwide.


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