Advice From Mom:
Words To Live By

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Over the years, our mothers have given us some great pieces of advice. Some are profound, some are hilarious. All reflect the love poured out on us by our mothers. We’ve collected the gems right here to share with you.



My mom was a home economics teacher, and knew all the tricks of the trade. According to her, every cookbook assumes you know that flour measurements are sifted first. ALWAYS spoon sift flour before measuring! She taught me the importance of always having a plan, whether baking or ensuring your economic independence. 

Elena Janssen

My mother was an obstetrician, so she always says she believes in two things: a good savings account and reliable contraception. Still gross, Mom.

Jane Hope

advice from mom

The advice from my mom that I have used most often throughout the years, is “if you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” It has made me think twice before opening my mouth, on many an occasion.

 – Norma Larson

My mom is a career counsellor, so she truly believes anyone can do anything. Her key advice: “Try your hardest. You never know!” This mentality has resulted in many crazy adventures for us both. Ridiculous lady! She inspires me every day.

Taryn Hardes


At a lunch time in February, in my Grade 11 year, I signed some papers and joined the army reserve. I told my parents that night. My mom’s advice: don’t join the army. Luckily, she follows another bit of wisdom as well – always expect the unexpected.

Eric Uhlich

She always reminded me that nobody said life was fair. Actually, she said that a lot.

Cathy Smith

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Before every party or camping trip, my mother always reminded me: “Ask yourself, Is it worth being a quadriplegic?”

Samantha Reynolds

The best piece of advice that my mom gave me, which of course I didn’t understand at the time given, was simply not to take life so seriously. To an anxious teenager, when any slight or snub spells social and emotional doom, these sound like the words of a madwoman. Today they sound more like the words of a yogi.

Shannon Emmerson

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