Comforting Cardigans and Potent Podcasts

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  1. Good podcasts tell stories. Great ones come through your earbuds and transform you. The episode Bears, Birds, and Bones from the true crime podcast Criminal will change your perspective on the world.
  2. Storytelling should be part of any leader’s toolkit. Our Director of Content Strategy, Shannon Emmerson, shares exactly what you stand to gain by honing those skills.
  3. Here’s the story of 6 super-rare colours (including one made from cow pee).
  4. This piece of writing from a mother about choosing to throw out her son’s toy weapons is powerful on its own. It is even more interesting if you dive into the annotations and read the son’s side of the story.
  5. What is a brand story, and why does my company need one?
  6. A tourism campaign for the Northwest Territories tells the story of the culture that makes it so unique. Explore the videos, written stories, and images and you might find yourself booking a trip.
  7. Won’t you be my neighbor? A new documentary about Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is on the way, and the trailer recalls a kind and warm space for kids to learn.