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Image via NASA/JPL

7 Story Picks for the week of September 25, 2017

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  1. After 20 years in flight, the spacecraft Cassini crashed last week. Vox catalogued Cassini’s most incredible images from its journey to the rings of Saturn and beyond.
  2. A great biography gives you a feel for the person through story. Here’s the intense biography of Olive Yang, a female warlord and opium trade route commander, by New York Times writer Gabrielle Paluch.
  3. The investment management company Wealthsimple recently caught our Audience Development Manager’s eye with their outstanding content marketing. Here’s how they did it.
  4. We believe in the power of writing to change the world. Benjamin P. Hardy believes in the power of writing (and journalling, specifically) to change your world.
  5. Flowing Data presents a fascinating cultural and sociological snap-shot of the changing landscape of gendered work over timeand a great use of illustration to communicate complex data.
  6. Have a company anniversary coming up? Josh Oliveira catalogued four examples of anniversary campaigns that make the most of the occasion.
  7. Looking for tips on how to be a great storyteller? Check out this personal and surprising tale from the researcher behind the BRCA1 cancer gene project.