Services // Commemorative Books for Schools

Celebrate Your School’s Legacy

Our Approach to Commemorative Books for Schools

Since 1999, we’ve been North America’s foremost expert on legacy publishing. We’ve worked with prestigious educational institutions across North America at the K-12 and postsecondary levels to create books that deepen school pride, recruit students and faculty, re-ignite alumni relationships, and strengthen cultures of philanthropy. Your leadership team today are the stewards of your school’s values and history for the next generations, and we can’t wait to help you carry that torch.

Discovery + Kick Off

We identify and work with your school’s key stakeholders to get to the heart of your “why.” We then explore your goals and find out what kind of book will bring you the biggest win.

Interviews + Writing + Editing

What sets us apart is that our writers are award-winning authors and journalists driven by curiosity and the compulsion to find and tell the most engaging and authentic stories. They will spend time developing relationships with and interviewing your history-keepers, sifting through old newsletters and school yearbooks, and finding meaningful connections that tie where you’ve come from to your vision for your school’s future. Our entire editorial team fine-tunes the manuscript to get the facts and tone just right.

Design + Production

To start, our photo research team will dig through your physical and digital archives of photos to find the perfect images to bring your story to visual life. As professionals, we’re used to hunting for external photos to fill your visual gaps so don’t worry if your archives are disorganized or patchy – we’ve seen it all! Once we have all your visual assets, our design team gets to work creating a layout that makes your story come to life.

Delivery + Celebration

Whether you need 200 copies or 20,000, we’ll make sure your books are printed to the highest quality standard and delivered on time. We can also help you plan the launch and distribution of your book for maximum alumni and school community engagement and opportunity for deep relationship-building.