Case study // Trinity College School

Tradition, excellence and community for 150 years

It truly has been a remarkable journey working with your team on our history book. Everyone at Echo has been outstanding, patient, creative and utterly professional.
— Maria Phipps, Chair, TCS History Book Committee


Trinity College School (TCS) is one of Canada’s finest private schools. Approaching their 150th anniversary, they were anxious to get their unique story of educational innovation down on paper in a way that celebrated the future while commemorating their history. Key to the success of the project would be collaborative, community-focused storytelling, incorporating many voices into the narrative in a way that would be inclusive of of TCS’ diverse history.


Taking our cue from TCS’ history of academic excellence, we crafted one of our most thoroughly researched narratives ever. Sidebars injected personal anecdotes and humour into the story. The narrative was accompanied by a visual treasure trove of photos sourced not only from the TCS archives, but from provincial, municipal and university archives. The story was presented in one of our most refined designs ever, with a linen cover and dustjacket revealing a traditional, sophisticated and colourful design.


We knew we’d done well when the photos of cartons of books arriving at TCS started appearing on our Twitter feeds. Their excitement around the book was palpable. The book was unveiled to the student body by the Headmaster in Chapel that morning, and is available to all alumni as a cornerstone of their 150th anniversary celebrations.

One more cool thing:

TCS was absolutely clear that they are a community, first and foremost. So, we ended the book with a listing of every single student’s name and graduation year, underlining that an institution like TCS is more than buildings – it’s about people.