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Celebrate Your Corporate History

Our Approach to Commemorative Business Books

Since 1999, we’ve been North America’s foremost expert on corporate legacy. With over 200 company anniversary books under our belt, we know the impact corporate heritage can have on employee engagement, customer experience, and the bottom line. Our rallying cry is “No boring business books!” 

Discovery + Kick Off

We identify and work with your project’s key stakeholders to get to the heart of your “why.” We then explore your goals and find out what will deliver a win all around.

Interviews + Writing + Editing

What sets us apart is that our writers are award-winning journalists. Your job at this stage is just to enjoy the walk down memory lane. Our editorial team will fine-tune the manuscript to get the facts and tone just right. At the same time, our digital team will populate your social channels with highly shareable heritage content.

Design + Production

Our design team has created hundreds of custom books. Our photo researcher will dig through your boxes and databases of photos as well as external archives to find the perfect visuals to illustrate your story.  

Delivery + Celebration

Whether you need 20 copies or 20,000, we’ll make sure your books are delivered safely and on time. We can help you plan your book launch and distribution for maximum employee engagement and deep client relationship-building.

Sustain Your Story Momentum

We can help you keep the story flame alive with a story-driven content marketing strategy, storytelling training for executives and sales teams, employer brand storytelling, or a corporate museum at your head office.