How Machines Learn + How to Beat the Facebook Algorithm

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how machines learn


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  1. Do your kids love hearing your family stories? Choosing to spend time with them and with these stories helps them better understand their world.
  2. This week, Facebook announced big, mysterious changes to their platform that could change the game for brands. We’re not too concerned, though, because we know that creating story-driven, sharable content is always your best bet.
  3. Re-invigorate your workplace and your team with any of these 10 ways leaders bond with employees.
  4. Alison Smith-Cairns was curious about the rise of experiential marketing, so she asked Wildfire Experiential and Events co-founder Bianca Knop to give her a primer. Here’s what you need to know.
  5. The iconic footwear brand Minnetonka engages customers through storytelling. Their #MyMinnetonka wall proudly displays the people who champion the moccasin.
  6. You clicked on one YouTube clip and suddenly find that you’ve spent two hours watching who knows what. We’ve all been there. Here’s how YouTube’s algorithm learns what to show you so you’ll keep watching.
  7. This piece from Wired is emotional, inspiring, and more than a little devastating. Read the story of a son working to give his dying father artificial immortality.