Services // Personal Memoir

Preserve Your Family History

Our Approach to a Personal Memoir

Your life story is the most meaningful gift you can give your children and grandchildren. With hundreds of personal biographies and family histories under our belt, we specialize in capturing the remarkable lives of high-net-worth individuals with creativity, compassion, and discretion.

In-Depth Personal Interviews

We employ the best professional writers and journalists in North America to draw out the stories from our clients in an enjoyable, efficient way. We work on your schedule, at your pace. You will be astonished at the lost memories this process uncovers. 

Photo Collection + Organization

We’ll dig through attics and archives, and sit with you for as long as you like to curate your treasured photos into a captivating selection that will bring your manuscript to life.

Exquisite Design

Our world-class book designers present your story with the visual power it deserves, meticulously crafting a look that feels like…you. The result? A gorgeous, and timeless, representation of your life.

Getting It Right

We’ll present you with drafts of your manuscript and layout along the way so that we can integrate your feedback and give you the confidence that we’re getting it just right.