Services // Storytelling Training & Workshops

Engage Employees, Empower Leaders + Increase Sales

Our Approach to Storytelling Training

Discovery + Pre-work

We customize each workshop based on our client’s objectives. We provide all participants with curated articles and videos to review before the workshop to ensure that they hit the ground running.

The Workshop

Our half- and full-day workshops are interactive, entertaining, and 100% actionable. We’re masters at getting all participants to their “lightbulb moment,” while facilitating individual and small group work, and engaging group discussions.


Participants will emerge from the workshop with fresh insights, confidence, and a clear understanding of how to apply storytelling to their work. We also ensure this story work aligns with your most important organizational goals.


We’ll follow up with your team after the workshop to offer further guidance and ensure they are integrating stories in their work in an efficient and rewarding way.