Storytelling Video for Science World

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Science World is one founding member of a new program called Symbiosis, a province-wide learning ecosystem with the mission of scaling STEAM learning (that’s learning in science, technology, engineering, art & design, and mathematics) for young people in British Columbia. We were thrilled when Science World, deciding to increase its support for the program, commissioned ECHO to create a two-minute video that would help to launch the program. They hoped the video could appeal to both donors and potential partners, ultimately helping with funding and participation of this nascent initiative.

Symbiosis connects school-aged kids interested in STEAM learning with mentors from education and industry, providing opportunities for kids (particularly in under-served communities) to develop the core principles of STEAM, including critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, and emotional intelligence. 

ECHO collaborated with the team at Giant Ant and video producer Jon Chiang to create an emotionally resonant video that illustrates what Symbiosis does: namely, connecting school-aged kids with mentors and opportunities. We were so fortunate to work with this talented, generous production and client team. 

Here’s the video. We’d love to hear what you think.


Director: Jon Chiang  | DOP: Peter Planta Production | Coordinator: Devon Wong | Audio Mix: Farmhouse Creative Labs | Story Editor: Arrabelle Stavroff | Creative Director: Leah Nelson | Agency: Echo Storytelling Agency | Copywriters: Jon Chiang, Samantha Reynolds & John Burns