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Alison Smith-Cairns,
Manager of People & Projects

Alison Smith-Cairns

I’m one of the first faces clients meet at ECHO and I’m with them from the start of their project to the end (and beyond!), navigating the waters along the way – both stormy and smooth. Inside ECHO, I strive for the happiness and satisfaction of every team member and champion ECHO’s values, purpose, and mission every day.

Favourite book
Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

Six-word memoir
Searched everywhere for home. Found herself.


  • Helped to create and develop an extensive online City guide as Yellow Pages’ Vancouver City Editor
  • Programmed and organized Master Class series for TheTyee.ca, generating essential revenue for one of Canada’s most successful and award-winning independent news sites
  • For D&M Publishers, developed and implemented anĀ Online Toolkit, a weekly email tutorial instructing authors how to build their online presence
  • Brought D&M’s marketing into the digital age by conceiving of and creating original online campaigns that garnered attention nationwide

Deepest fear
Irretrievably dropping things (over a bridge, off a ferry deck, out the car window).

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