Our Team

Alison Smith-Cairns,
Project Manager

Alison Smith-Cairns

I juggle balls with flair and poise.

Favourite book
Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

Six-word memoir
Searched everywhere for home. Found herself.


  • Helped to create and develop an extensive online City guide as Yellow Pages’ Vancouver City Editor
  • Programmed and organized Master Class series for TheTyee.ca, generating essential revenue for one of Canada’s most successful and award-winning independent news sites
  • For D&M Publishers, developed and implemented anĀ Online Toolkit, a weekly email tutorial instructing authors how to build their online presence
  • Brought D&M’s marketing into the digital age by conceiving of and creating original online campaigns that garnered attention nationwide

Deepest fear
Irretrievably dropping things (over a bridge, off a ferry deck, out the car window).

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