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Pete McCormack,
Chief of Film / Writer

Pete McCormack

I ask the questions no one else asks, film interesting people and pray the end result makes audiences learn and feel new things. I also moonlight as a slightly pudgy superhero.

Favourite book
My son, Booker.

Six-word memoir
Still not sure what drives me.


  • Shortlisted for an Academy Award in 2010 for the feature documentary Facing Ali
  • Created, directed and produced HBO TV docu-series Sports on Fire
  • Directed feature film I Am Bruce Lee, which broke audience viewing records on Spike TV
  • Wrote and co-directed documentary Uganda Rising, which was narrated by Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey and won many festival awards
  • As a writer, has penned several produced screenplays and is the author of two published novels, including the Stephen Leacock–nominated Understanding Ken

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Deepest fear
That before I kick off, I will not yet have figured out how to value myself outside of what I create.