Our Team

Shawn Ohler,
Story Trainer + Writer

Shawn Ohler

I ask questions, so many questions. I write, with every word wondering, Will this move people? And I help business executives, governments, entrepreneurs, and social justice leaders use narrative to … be better.

Favourite book
The Information by Martin Amis

Six-word memoir
Story, not baseball, was the answer.


  • An odd mix of awards in newspaper journalism and editing, business communications, and – an emerging obsession – short fiction.
  • 100 Days in the Jungle was a nonfiction bestseller that won exactly zero awards as the book I wrote, but crazy-talented people made it into a Gemini-winning CTV movie.
  • Proudest achievement to date: building a story and strategy company with my friend and fellow Echo collaborator, Todd Babiak.

Deepest fear
That my wife, Rebecca, and boys Josh and Brady would be unhappy, for any reason.