How to Tell a Crystal Clear Brand Story

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  1. Music journalist Jeff Weiss set out to understand the story of the air horn in pop music. His work reveals a fascinating history of that iconic BWAAAT! sound.
  2. If you love storytelling, check out The Moth and its podcast.These are true stories told live: a source of inspiration to any would-be storyteller.
  3. Watch this short video from The Big Think explaining four keys to great storytelling. It could help you in close your next deal, land a new job, or delight your friends at the pub after work.
  4. Love a good story? Us too. Check out the audiobooks that our Audience Development Manager wholeheartedly recommends.
  5. Visual storytelling should be a major part of any online marketing strategy. Here are 15 examples of powerful visual storytelling techniques for Instagram that you can apply to your business or personal brand.
  6. Your brand story should be crystal clear. We use these apps, courses, tools, and templates with our story marketing clients, to help to put it all in focus.
  7. When the Skoll Foundation partnered with the Sundance institute, they created a community of social justice activists and filmmakers who use storytelling to change the world for the better.