Telling a Story in a (Heartbreaking) Personal Ad

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  1. Marvel’s origin story of the character Black Panther set all kinds of records last week. Our Director of Content Marketing, Shannon Emmerson, shares why origin stories matter, and how to tell yours. 
  2. Are you fun? Authentic? Customer-oriented? Denise Lee Yohn of HBR believes these 5 corporate values have no place on your wall.
  3. We love a photograph filled with story. The winners of the Underwater Photography of the Year Competition are brimming with plot, tension, and an otherworldliness that fascinates.
  4. You can better engage your employees by playing games. Add this app called Kahoot! to your training or onboarding toolkit, and watch participation soar.
  5. Amy Krouse Rosenthal wrote a personal ad for her husband in the New York Times. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful.
  6. Vancouver’s Science World is participating in a massive project to change the way kids learn about their world. We’re thrilled to have had a hand in this video that considers the impact this program will have for future generations.
  7. The Winter Olympics in PyeongChang come to an end this weekend, and Adam Rippon, a figure skater for the United States, has made an impression. Richard Lawson shares what it would mean to his 8 year-old self to see a skater like Rippon publicly celebrated.