The Secret to Creating Lasting Change and Finding the Right Team

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  1. Starbucks is prioritizing eduction around racial bias after an incident at one of their franchises. Sonia Thompson at INC reminds us that “lasting change requires a culture change. As a business leader, make sure the culture you cultivate is supporting your business goals and values.”
  2. Feeling rather helpless, a group of women decided they needed to learn to fight. Here’s the story of the control and power they are learning to harness, and what it means to them to do so.
  3. Marissa Mayer was the 20th employee at Google, and spent several years at the helm of Yahoo!. She shares the lessons she’s learned about the importance of culture at a successful company in this engaging interview with the New York Times.
  4. Here’s how telling stories at work solved ECHO’s HR problem.
  5. Journalling is a helpful tool some people use to record their experience and process feelings. An app called Cove: The Music Journal, helps you to do exactly this, but through music you create.
  6. Hiring new talent? Alexa von Tobel lays out 6 things good leaders do when hiring people who are smarter than they are.
  7. Customers at the Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan have been leaving notes on a typewriter in the store for many years. Store co-owner Michael Gustafson has published a collection of some of his favourites. Lovely sentiments lie within.

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