People Clicked on the First Web Banner Ad Like Crazy

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7 Story Picks for the Week of November 6, 2017

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  1. With Facebook, Google, and Twitter being called to account for the role advertising on their platforms had in the 2016 US election, we’re reflecting on how important (and permanent) books are. Here’s our Story Director John Burns on how books can be an antidote to “digital amnesia”.
  2. John Lasseter knows story. As one of the forces behind Pixar, he helped create and popularize a new type of animated storytelling using computer generated imagery. Here, Lasseter writes about his experience with technology and the evolution of storytelling. It’s a must read.
  3. Look over here, it’s 8 Excellent Examples of How to Mark a Company Anniversary.
  4. This is Us is a hit show on NBC, and the show creators are taking action for more inclusive storytelling. This is a big deal. The story of how these changes have come about is an inspiring one.
  5. Looking to up your storytelling game? Try out any of these 5 storytelling projects, recommended by teachers (via TED).
  6. We accept that advertising is just a part of life on the internet. This wasn’t always so.  The Atlantic tells the story of the first ever web banner ad (and how people clicked on it like crazy).
  7. Our Studio Manager, Norma Larson, saw a screening of the animated drama The Breadwinner last week and it knocked her socks off. Look for it in awards season, and check out the moving trailer here.

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