The Story of the Greatest Internet Comment of All Time

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  1. Looking to find great talent to add to your team in the new year? The head of recruiting at LinkedIn says the trick is telling a great story about your company and culture.
  2. Employer brand is a hot topic in HR circles, and for good reason. Our own Alison Smith-Cairns tracked down 5 companies with killer employer brands that you can learn from.
  3. A good story includes successes and failures. At Inc., the founder of Ugg Australia Boots candidly shares some of his company’s setbacks en route to revealing how he overcame them.
  4. Need a great podcast to listen to? Give Making Oprah a try. NPR Journalist Jenn White tells a fascinating story of Oprah’s rise to cultural dominance, and you only need to commit to 3 episodes.
  5. Time off from work around the holidays is a great chance to spend some time with books. Brush up on your marketing skills with any of these must-read marketing classics.
  6. Or, get excited about the books that might make next year great with this helpful preview of 101 books coming out in 2018. Pre-order opportunities abound!
  7. You should read the story behind the greatest internet recipe comment of all time. It involves Katharine Hepburn’s brownies.

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