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The Magical Science of Storytelling - Tedx Talk

7 Story Picks for the Week of November 13, 2017

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  1. In honour of Remembrance Day, here is a story about a father’s military service in World War II, a daughter’s quest to know more about him, the town he helped save, and the photograph that brought them together.
  2. Here are 6 Rules for Great Storytelling, from storytelling champion Margot Leitman.
  3. To tell the right story about yourself or your company, you need to be truly authentic. ECHO’s project manager, Alison Smith-Cairns, suggests 5 questions to ask yourself to kick-start the process.
  4. The adventure clothing company Patagonia is doubling down on storytelling by having customers share the stories of their adventures (and their clothes). In doing so, they’re creating community and a very authentic brand story.
  5. We need diverse storytellers.
  6. Successful people don’t become so by accident, but by design. Thomas Oppong advocates for taking 15-minute personal development breaks to aid in this process.
  7. Take your 15-minute PD break right now and watch this entrancing TEDx talk on the magical science of storytelling.

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