Why Your Startup Needs Storytelling

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You’re running a startup. So you’re on the grind (at least) full-time following your dreams and helping others live theirs. No matter what industry you’re out to enter, improve, or disrupt, you value your business story.

After all, we all love stories and use them to understand our world. And you definitely want your startup to be loved and understood. But did you know your startup story has three main protagonists? And can you tell all their stories effectively? Or would you benefit from working with a storytelling agency?

Let’s find out.

The Three Stars of Your Startup Story

Founder startupStar #1: You – The first hero of your startup story is the determined, inspired and scrappy entrepreneur who set out from scratch to change the world with only her insight and inspiration.

The mythic figure that was there even before the business began is the star of your founding story. Yes, you probably received help from many talented professionals, but the founder’s story is powerfully inspiring. Our favourite part of the founder’s tale? The tipping point when her struggles and sacrifices begin to pay off.

If customers (or investors!) don’t know your story, they are less likely to support your startup. That’s because everyone likes to feel they’re helping someone with each dollar they spend; ideally, it’s someone they like.

Crowd startupStar #2: Your Customer – The second star of your startup story is just as important as the founder, maybe even more important. It’s your ideal user — the person or company your startup will serve.

This person is the star of your customer story. Before you can tell it, you must imagine specific personas that your startup could help. What are their needs and fears? Where do they hang out online? And so on. Then, you either tell the story of your ideal customer’s journey or find one who fits the bill and have them tell it.

It’s a story you must tell so your startup’s potential customers will know who they are. Remember to include how great they’ll feel after you solve their pain points.

Office startupStar #3: The Company – Finally, the third key figure in your startup story: the company. Okay, it’s not exactly a person, though that does depend on who you ask.

But your company is a rounded character. It has personality and values that you hope will resonate, and it has overcome numerous challenges that have shaped it. Like it or not, it will surely face more. Your startup seems more like a person now, right?

Your startup’s story must be refined and retold for as long as the company exists. It’s about explaining what the company represents, where it came from, and where it’s going. At ECHO, we call that a brand story.

Takeaway: Telling your startup’s authentic founding, customer and brand stories makes it more likable, useful, and distinct. 

Two Questions For Startup Storytellers

At ECHO, we find most entrepreneurs understand the need for clear startup stories. But knowing what to do and doing it are different.

Here are the two storytelling questions your startup must ask:

1) Can we dedicate valuable internal resources to storytelling?

2) Can we tell our startup story better than the pros would?

If you hesitated to answer YES! to either with enthusiasm nearing a “Code Ballmer,” you’d benefit from consulting a storytelling agency.

Convinced? Great! Get in touch.

Not just yet? Okay, let’s break it down a bit more.

It’s Your Story, But You Might Consider Some Backup

We get it, you’re absorbed in implementing your startup’s latest strategic big move. That’s awesome! But how much internal bandwidth is left over to tell the story of those choices, how they’ll help customers, and what they say about your startup? We’re guessing not much. So why not leave it to the pros? Our team contains many acclaimed writers and journalists, which includes our founder. Think you can spin a better yarn than us and run your startup all at once?

Let’s be clear: storytelling is not content marketing. Yes, publishing useful content builds an audience and we help with that, too, but only real storytelling makes your story’s three stars stand out. And much of it occurs outside content channels, like blogs or social media. It happens elsewhere your website, in newsletters, company culture videos, sales pitches, onboarding materials, and more.

A storytelling agency tells your startup story everywhere your company is found. But first, we get to know you, learn what makes you unique, and uncover your pillar truths to tell the world.

Key Takeaway: A professional storyteller ensures your entire audience to gets you completely.

Want your startup’s whole story to start reaching all the right people? We’d love to chat. Tell us about your startup today.