Services // Brand Story Consulting

Make Your Brand Unforgettable

Our Approach to Brand Story Consulting

The brands that have the most loyal fans are the ones telling the best stories. Once we nail your brand story, we empower your employees to make your story the foundation of their marketing, sales, and HR decisions.

Confidential Interviews

Our superpower is asking the right questions that jostle authentic and powerful insights from people who may have grown used to describing your brand in a clichéd or jargon-cluttered way.

Brand Story + Activation Workshop

We invite your key teams to join us in person so that we can share your Master Brand Story and inspire and teach them to bring it to life across marketing, sales, HR, communications, and leadership.

Ambassador Book

A great story is only effective if it’s shared. We craft a brief and compelling Ambassador Book that you can give to every employee to show them in simple and memorable ways how they can activate your brand story right away.

Strategic and Tactical Plan

We recommend effective ways to share your story with employees and customers, including in person, printed marketing materials, corporate and brand museums, trade show displays, RFPs, web pages, videos, press releases, social media, and more.