Good Ancestors

We at ECHO Storytelling Agency believe passionately in the power of story. A well-shaped narrative, masterfully told, can improve our understanding of the world and our own lives. It can bring us closer to the people around us. It can improve the success of our businesses.

What really gets us going is the power of story over time. Hard-won lessons, shared through the ages, shared through story, can keep the next generations on the straight and narrow, and lead our children and grandchildren to grow into their best selves. This is a lesson we’ve learned over hundreds of memoir projects and is a daily source of inspiration: values, shared from one generation to the next, resonate with ever greater meaning and effect.

In this spirit, we’re asking accomplished people from all walks of life to talk about the benefits of values-driven, authentic lives, and the meaning of legacy. We’re doing this for selfish reasons: with the wisdom of those who’ve gone before, we become that much more powerful, that much better. We hope the Good Ancestors Project will inspire you as well, and light the fire for your best life.

The Good Ancestors Interviews: A Complete List

Gloria & Domenic Cuccione

Sam Sullivan

Rick Cluff

Peter Elliott