Be Inspired By These Three Weird Content Ideas

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Red Pencil Standing Out From Crowd

How familiar is this? You produce an ebook, which you then gate behind a email-collecting vehicle, and then you pump out a whole bunch of SEO-friendly blog posts to populate your social media and drive people to your website!

This is routine – and totally a worthwhile plan. There’s a reason why this model is the engine of content marketing. That said, there is a lot to be said for originality. Here are five offbeat ideas that powered effective marketing campaigns – and there’s not a blog post in sight.

Kid’s Book

Canadian chocolate brand Purdy’s approached ECHO with the challenge of building a fun content piece to work with their upcoming centennial celebration at Vancouver’s Science World. Partnering with Raise-A-Reader, Purdy’s created a subtly-branded kid’s book that would inspire kids to read with a fun story that was accessible to all. The book used Purdy’s iconic purple and the story revolved around chocolate – otherwise, it wasn’t about Purdy’s. It was about the love of chocolate.


innovative content marketing that is funny

We love Tom Fishburne’s perceptive-yet-humorous take on the latest marketing trends. Funny content is hard to do well – you actually have to be funny – but it is disarming and endearing at the same time. It can be the spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down.


Jeff Bridges’ Squarespace Website

 Squarespace, a DIY web design startup, got Hollywood star Jeff Bridges to record a spoken-word album about falling asleep, and built a Squarespace site to market the final product (even available on vinyl). Yes, the project ultimately warranted a Super Bowl ad buy, but the big game ad spot eventually felt surplus to requirements. It put Squarespace’s value proposition front and center – and got lots of people talking.

Don’t be bound up by your expectations of what content should look like – think about what engages your audience. Innovative content marketing is memorable and invites engagement from your audience. Don’t be afraid to do the unexpected.