The Beautiful Story of 30 Days at Sea

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Story Picks - 30 Days at Sea

7 Story Picks for the week of September 18, 2017

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  1. Experience a 30-day journey aboard a large shipping vessel through this beautiful time-lapse video from maritime YouTube vlogger JeffHK. Our story director was particularly thrilled to see the deft captioning.
  2. The web has made publishing faster than ever. John Burns knows that it has also made information loss a fact of life and that books may be the only answer.
  3. Novelist Elizabeth Stout reveals one of her favourite passages in literature, and reflects on how “memories tend to tell us something emotionally true, even when they’re not real.” It’s all part of the By Heart series at the Atlantic. Definitely worth a browse.
  4. Alison Smith-Cairns shares a story about a recent project at ECHO that didn’t go as planned. Here’s why we doubled down on our firmly held belief that “relationship trumps transaction.”
  5. A carefully crafted story is a powerful persuasive tool. Fascinating, then, that Detroit has hired an official “chief storyteller” to try to change the narrative of that struggling city (via The Guardian).
  6. This New Yorker profile of Pixar filmmaker Andrew Stanton is good biography in action, and includes many helpful storytelling tips, like “finish the sentence.”
  7. This is a great story.