Keats Retreat 2017 Photo Album

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This week, the ECHO Storytelling team headed out for our Annual Retreat to Keats Island. Our crackerjack Photo and Production Specialist, Adam Stenhouse catalogued our adventure. Here is a photo album documenting the fun and sun of our Keats Retreat 2017.

ECHO Storytelling - Keats Retreat 2017 Boat
The team sets off from Horseshoe Bay in a water taxi on a beautiful sunny day.
ECHO Storytelling - Keats Retreat 2017 Walking
We journey from the dock up to our little hideaway.
A beachside strategy session on how to help tell great employer brand stories. (Not pictured: The deer that swam up to the shore from the ocean, surprising us all).
ECHO Storytelling - Keats Retreat 2017 John and Eric
Our team’s hat game is particularly strong.
ECHO Storytelling - Keats Retreat 2017 Debate
More strategy and brainstorming on how to best serve our (amazing) clients.
ECHO Storytelling - Keats Retreat 2017 Strawberry Moscow Mules
We end the afternoon with delicious Strawberry Moscow Mules* expertly crafted by Alison Smith-Cairns.

*Notes from the Mixologist: “Because I refuse to follow recipes, I halved the sugar (still found it too sweet), didn’t strain the strawberries, eyeballed the vodka, added mint, and forgot the ice cubes!” They were utterly delicious, in any case.