The Quest for Love, Immortality, and the Perfect Font

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  1. Herb Lubalin is a design pioneer who invented the typeface Avant Garde (among many other achievements). The website Lubalin 100 is celebrating his 100th birthday with history, news clippings, tributes, and artwork every day for 100 days.
  2. At ECHO, we help people and companies capture their history and celebrate milestones. Here are 8 excellent examples of companies marking their anniversary in style.
  3. In 2011, A Canadian engineer named Lama Nachman led a team of researchers and engineers tasked with saving Stephen Hawking’s voice. CBC Radio’s The Current documented the project, and the power of assistive technologies for those who need them.
  4. Netflix created its own font, Netflix Sans. Adweek reports that the move could save the entertainment company millions of dollars.
  5. A rebranding campaign saved Burberry at a time when experts thought it had been dealt a fatal blow. Here’s the whole story.
  6. Music producer, drummer, and renaissance man Questlove has a new memoir called Creative QuestIn an engaging interview with Esquire magazine, Questlove shares what it means to him to live a creative life.
  7. George Lucas is creating a Museum of Narrative Art.