Why Avocado Toast is the New Celery

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Illustration by George Wylesol, via Taste of Cooking

7 Story Picks for the Week of October 16, 2017

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  1. Quartz at Work published an interesting article about how corporate America’s diversity failures are affecting the bottom line, and what some companies are doing to right the ship.
  2. Alert! Excellent visual storytelling ahead! Here’s a gorgeous and instantly understandable bit of data visualization depicting the comparative scale of some of the world’s biggest data breachessince 2004.
  3. Heather Arndt Anderson makes a compelling case in an article called “Celery Was the Avocado Toast of the Victorian Era.”
  4. Here is a new app that hopes to engage museum patrons through their phones. Check out Smartify, an iOS app that provides context, history and descriptions for artworks at major museums across the world.
  5. Bring on the mittens. Destination Canada is trying to attract Japanese tourists in the frigid winter months, so they teamed up with renowned anime artist Makoto Shinkai. The result is a story about Canada beautifully told through anime.
  6. Are you a fan of biography? And listening to interesting stories while you clean the house? Lauren Cheal offers a list of 5 autobiographical audiobooks that are very much worth listening to. 
  7. Sing out, Louise. Sarah Manguso recommends singing in a choir for stress-relief, to practice mindfulness and to help focus your otherwise overloaded brain. 

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