Celebrating the Past and Looking Toward the Future

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  1. Photographer Dayanita Singh set out to recreate the familiar experience of flipping through family photographs with her work. The resulting portable “pocket museums” let you become the curator of her photographs.
  2. Does your brand have a signature smell? HBR has a primer on the invisible but influential world of scent branding.
  3. We love an anniversary campaign that celebrates legacy and looks to the future. Here are 4 recent examples of anniversary campaigns worth celebrating. 
  4. Richard Overton is the USA’s oldest WWII veteran. His is an incredible, human story that reminds us of our connection to the past and future.
  5. Read the scandalous, outrageous, and frankly just sad story of the Chelsea Hotel, as told by its residents.
  6. Use this remarkable 500-year-old technology to tell your story.
  7. A woman named Dee wrote a letter to Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style about the effort it takes to look into the mirror and see reflected beauty, simplicity, and greatness. It’s a lovely piece of writing.

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