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Your Story on Screen

Our Approach to Film + Video Storytelling

What will make your video stand out? For a brand video, how do you hook your audience in the first 8.5 seconds so they don’t click away? If it’s a family history film as a legacy for your grandchildren, how do you weave your values into a compelling road map of how to lead a meaningful life?

In a word, story. Our video team is made up of world-class filmmakers with a shared passion for bringing each client’s unique history and video goals to engaging life. Whether it’s a 90-second animated explainer, a family history starring members from multiple generations, or a corporate video that gets to the heart of what makes you different from your competition, we make sure that an emotionally driven narrative keeps your audience engaged and entertained to the very end.


Our expert filmmakers and producers have a proven discovery process for drawing out the purpose, objective, and best stories that will drive your video. With that foundation in place, we create a production plan to get the job done on time and on budget, with interviews, discovery calls, archive research, scripting, and storyboards.


We’ll start production with the live shoot or set our talented animators to work. This phase can include shooting interviews, scripted scenes, events, or B-roll footage. Our experienced and professional filmmakers will capture your story in a way that makes it easy and enjoyable for you and your team or family.


Now the real fun kicks in as you begin to see your video take shape. We’ll share a rough cut with you to review, and then our post-production team will refine it based on your feedback into a final cut that you are 100% happy with. This phase also includes colour correction, graphics, sound work, mix, and layback to ensure that the quality of your final video is top-notch. We also work with you to provide a clear plan for how to share your moving video with your audience in the easiest and most impactful way.